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Welcome Fellow Latin Dancers!

At Latin Dance Adventures, we wanted to combine our two most favorite activities in the world: Dance and Travel. We thought you might enjoy the combination too!

Latin Dance Adventures brings dance lovers (or those who may just have an interest) together for a themed tour group experience. Whether you want to Tango in Argentina, Salsa in Colombia, or Merengue in The Dominican Republic, we will have you dancing all the way through your adventure!

We make three promises to you: We will provide a high quality experience, encourage a love for Latin Dance, and quench your thirst for adventure…at least until wanderlust strikes again.


What To Expect

All Tours Include:

  • Detailed Itinerary and Trip Information in Mobile App and Print

  • 4 Star Hotels and Resorts

  • All Dinners, Some Breakfasts & Lunches (All Meals Listed on Trip Itineraries)

  • Full-Time Tour Director

  • City Tour with Expert Local Guides

  • Dance Classes with Local English Speaking Dance Instructors

  • Daily Activities and Tours Facilitated by Highly Rated Local Operators

  • Entrance to the Hottest Local Dance Clubs

  • And a fantastic opportunity to make new dance loving friends!

Types of Activities & Excursions:

  • Dance shows, evening cruises, and club entries

  • City tours with a local guide (Every trip will have a city tour.)

  • Day Trips to see national parks, beaches, historical sites, local must-see towns, etc.

  • Example Activities:

    Zip Lining

    Horseback riding

    Swimming with dolphins

    Cooking classes


    Sailing and/or Snorkeling

    And More!

(Each tour will have 2-3 such activities.)

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